Water & Power Resiliency Webinars

U.S. EPA’s Water Security Division is hosting two webinars in June and July to help drinking water and wastewater utilities increase their power resiliency.

Water & Power Resiliency Webinar:  Power Assessments and Transfer Switches

DATE:  Wednesday, June 24, 2015

TIME:   1:00-2:00PM (eastern)


This webinar features speakers from the Army Corps of Engineers and water utilities to discuss:

  • Conducting power assessments
  • Installing transfer switches
  • Emergency Power Facility Assessment Tool (EPFAT)

Water & Power Resiliency Webinar:  Best Practices

DATE:  July 29, 2015

TIME:  1:00-2:00PM (eastern)


Participants in this webinar will learn about EPA’s Interactive Best Practices Guide as well as examples of how water utilities have become more power resilient.  Speakers will include staff from EPA and a water utility.

NOTE:  You MUST register separately for each of the webinars.  Registering for one event will not automatically register you for the other.


If you have any questions about this webinar series of EPA’s work on water and power resiliency, please contact Lauren Wisniewski at wisniewski.lauren@epa.gov



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