States and WARNs Highlights Fact Sheet Now Available

States and WARNs Highlights Fact Sheet Now Available

ASDWA’s Security Committee and EPA’s Water Security Division have just brought their three-phase collaborative partnership to look at state drinking water programs’ relationship with state WARNs to a close.  The State WARN Perspectives Highlights fact sheet has just been posted on the EPA WSD web page dedicated to Emergency/Incident Planning, Response and Recovery.

The document, part of the larger “States and WARNs Working Together” series, offers insights into the various methods that state drinking water programs use to support the WARN programs.  It also showcases several successful State-WARN collaborations that may inspire other states and WARNs to work more closely together.  Examples describe how these partnerships have grown through state support for the inclusion of WARNs in emergency operations centers, the recruiting of members, funding opportunities and development of trainings/exercises.

Click States and WARNs Working Together to view or download the document.

ASDWA also encourages you to visit the EPA WSD Emergency/Incident Planning, Response and Recovery web page to look at the number and variety of tools, fact sheets, and exercises that you can use in your work with water systems to improve their resiliency.


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