Delaware Implements a Coastal Flood Monitoring System

Given the amount of rain and storm intensity that recently has pounded the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states, ASDWA was very encouraged to learn about a new Delaware program that has helped the state to be better prepared for such storms and avoid unnecessary flood damage in coastal areas.

Building on work undertaken by the Delaware Environmental Observing Team and the Delaware Geological Survey, a Coastal Flood Monitoring System (CFMS) is now in place.  The CFMS is a web-based tool and alert system designed to provide emergency managers, planners, and others the information needed regarding upcoming coastal flood events.  It is, in essence, a real time coastal flood monitoring and warning system.

The Monitoring System is comprised of:

  • An early warning system (via emails and/or cell phone text messages that alert subscribers about potential flood events;
  • Flood inundation maps and elevation profiles along primary evacuation routes using the latest LiDAR (a remote sensing technology) data for Delaware;
  • Predicted water level data from NOAA’s hydrodynamic model for up to four days in advance in both graphical and tabular format; and
  • A website and user guide that combines all aspects of this system with links to more real-time information (e.g., NWS weather alerts) for planners and emergency managers to use in advance of and during coastal storm events.

Several Delaware state agencies – Natural Resources & Environmental Control, Emergency Management Agency, and Department of Transportation – have taken advantage of the system’s capabilities…particularly with this recent round of coastal storms…and interest continues to grow within the state’s local and county agencies as well.

If you’d like to know more about Delaware’s program, go to


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