The Perfect Storm, Ice Cold:  WLA-RP Tabletop Exercise Webcast

EPA’s Water Lab Alliance is continuing its tabletop exercise (TTX) webcast series in 2016.  The scenario is…no power, no phones, ice-covered roads, microbiological and chemical water contamination, multiple contamination sites, no in-house capability to detect suspected contaminants, calls from the press, incident command system established…what do you do?

This webcast is designed as a “virtual training course,” delivering a complete learning experience that includes facilitated interaction between students and instructors.  It examines the coordination of laboratory services in response to a drinking water contamination incident.  The scenario-based exercise provides laboratory personnel, utilities, state and local governments, and emergency responders with the opportunity to answer questions based on their real-life experiences and knowledge of emergency response practices and procedures contained in the Water Laboratory Alliance Response Plan (WLA-RP). Exercise participants will receive information on Water Sector emergency response “best practices” and water security tools and resources including the Water Contaminant Information Tool, Selected Analytical Methods for Environmental Remediation and Recovery, and the Laboratory Compendium.

The most recent TTX targeted audiences in EPA Regions 1, 2, and 3.  While all of these Tabletop Exercises are open to any interested participant, we encourage you to invite your colleagues and Response Partners to attend the same Tabletop Exercise as you!

Mark your calendars now!  The dates and suggested regional distribution for the 2016 webcasts are:

  • January 27 (Regions 4, 5, & 6)
  • March 23 (Regions 7 & 8), and
  • May 11 (Region 9 & 10)

Each of these no cost, two hour events is scheduled from 1:00-3:00 PM (eastern)

To register, please visit:


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