CEU Plan Offers Course on Cybersecurity for Operators

Cybersecurity for Operators is a one hour streaming course presentation that provides a basic and fundamental approach to implementing a Response Plan for Cybersecurity.  The session also includes common sense suggestions on ways to protect treatment plants and shares ‘real world’ examples of some treatment plants that have experienced intrusions from hackers and cyber-attacks.

A Treatment Plant is the largest investment within the local community and it deals with public health and protection for everyone. It is vital to develop a Response Plan and work to maintain the safety and security of your local drinking water supply.  This course will demonstrate reasonable methods that can be used to harden your infrastructure.  It also provides useful reference documents.

To learn more and to register for this course, go to www.ceuplan.com.  Once there, click the “view all” button and enter cybersecurity as the key word.


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