Start the Conversation with Your Power Supplier

Water utilities are well aware of their reliance on and mutual interdependencies with the energy/power/electric sector.  But are the decision-makers at electric utilities equally aware?  Does returning water systems to service after an outage rise to the top of their priority list?  How can you make that happen?  Here’s something that might help to get that conversation started…

EPA’s Water Security Division has developed a helpful flyer that calls out the various reasons why electric utilities should prioritize power restoration for drinking water and wastewater utilities.  It also describes key considerations for collaborating with the water sector, and links to find more information.  This is an ideal “leave behind” when you reach out to your electric utility counterparts to make sure that you are both working to enhance resiliency in your community.

To see or download the flyer, click this link Power Resilience Flyer for Electric Sector


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