Saturday is National PrepareAthon! Day

Each year, in the spring and again in the fall, Americans are asked to focus on being better prepared to withstand an emergency – a natural disaster like hurricanes or tornados, an accidental contamination incident like hazardous materials spills, or intentionally malicious acts like cyber hacking.  These national days of action are called National PrepareAthon! Day.  Tomorrow is the first National PrepareAthon! Day for 2016.

Most communities are aware of preparedness actions to prepare for disasters such as large storm events.  Many also have taken precautions to protect their infrastructure against physical attacks.  Fewer, though, have devised a plan to enhance their cyber security.  Water systems, in particular, need to know how to protect not only their customers’ personal information but also the delicate balance of chemical feeds, tank mixing, and pressure zones from unauthorized access.  The health of their community is at stake.

Our colleagues at AWWA believe that, “Protecting your utility from cybersecurity threats is a top priority as part of your commitment to an all-hazards risk management strategy.”  In support of that belief, AWWA offers, at no cost, cybersecurity guidance and a use case tool for utility owners/operators using process control systems.

As part of your commitment to National PrepareAthon! Day, download the guidance and access the tool.  Share these materials with water systems in your state today:



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