Regular vs. Splash-less Chlorine for Disinfection

Did you know…When disinfecting a well (private, small community, or noncommunity) in an emergency, make sure to use the ‘tried and true’ regular, unscented, chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite concentration).  Splash-less bleach is a little thicker than regular household bleach.  While it is less likely to splash, the sodium hypochlorite concentration is only 1-5% which is not strong enough to sanitize and disinfect.

This information is important – not just for private well owners – but also for anyone who finds themselves with a potentially compromised water supply.  These situations can range from a lengthy power outage from a strong storm, a summer cabin where the well was turned off over the winter, or flash floods.

The information on splash-less chlorine is from the latest electronic Well Owners Network newsletter published by the Water Systems Council.  If you would like to learn more about this newsletter, click




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