Protective Action Guide for Radiological Incidents

On June 6, EPA released a draft Protective Action Guide (PAG) and planning guidance for radiological incidents.  As you know, DHS and EPA have recommended that water systems be prepared for all types of incidents – chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear.  To date, more focus has been given to chemical and biological incidents.  This PAG, however, is intended to guide water systems in protecting against short term health risks during response to radiological incidents.  It explains how to calculate Derived Response Levels (DRLs) for radionuclides likely to appear in drinking water following a radiological contamination incident.  DRLs are concentrations of radionuclides in drinking water that correspond to EPA’s proposed PAG of 100 mrem and 500 mrem.  It does not replace the radionuclide MCLs designed to protect public health over the long term.


A Federal Register notice and opportunity for comment on this draft should be published soon.  Meanwhile, use this link to learn more about the PAG.



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